It was while composing the soundtrack to mini-series ‘Rastignac ou les ambitieux’ that Christophe called upon Yoan’s talents. The two met working at DDB and kept their collaboration going ever since. In 2004, they founded CaleSon and set themselves up in one recording studio, quickly followed by three more, near Place de la République, in Paris.

Always paying close attention to musical trends, they remain craftsmen of sound, while perfecting their work tool. Simply put, the first one is on the guitar, the second one at the piano. They compose, play, try various tunes, give up on some, write tirelessly. The workload is heavy but the chemistry is undeniably there, the music is delivered, the director satisfied. Soon, a team is born, as Shany and Louis come aboard. They also receive outside help from the likes of Abby, Virgile, Loris and Arthur.



CaleSon’s co-founder, along with Yoan. Although he wanted to be a singer in the 80s, he chose to study classical guitar and musical writing at the conservatoire. Decidedly influenced by The Who’s Who’s Next, he draws from the sounds of Led Zeppelin, the Peter Gabriel years of Genesis, Yes, and some jazz rock (Di Meola, Herbie Hancock, Jamie Cullum), let his inner grunge loose when Nirvana came out, and is always willing to draw inspiration from Massive Attack’s trip hop, Michael Jackson’s and Fink’s repertoires, or even from opera and classical music.


Sound Engineer

He cofounded CaleSon with Christophe. Following piano and percussions training at the Grenoble conservatoire, he went to the Ecole supérieure d’études cinématographiques and then took up a sound producer position at advertising agency DDB. Though he grew up listening to classical music, Yoan soon immersed himself in film scores (Alexandre Desplat, Harry Gregson-Williams…), developed a taste for jazz (Oscar Peterson, Michel Petrucciani), then reggae, hip hop and rock, and worships Prince. In short, he listens to a bit of everything but has some preferences.


Production Manager

Shany joined CaleSon as production manager in late 2016. Not unlike the rest of the team, music always played a big part in her life. A graduate of Cifacom audiovisual school, though her daily work is quite technical (quotes, financing, casting…), she does not abandon her first love, listening to acoustic covers of her favourite songs whenever the occasion arises. And because music is not all there is to life, Shany is also passionate about fashion.


Sound Engineer

A member of the team since 2015, Louis is a sound engineer who graduated from Institut supérieur des techniques du son (ISTS). After receiving a first-rate training in sound recording and mixing, he started working as a production assistant before making the switch to sound engineering. Like his colleagues, Louis is a born musician, who plays the guitar and the harmonica. Fond of ‘black music’, when he is not at the turntable, he listens to hip hop, soul, funk, blues… and never objects to some classical musical.


Sound Mixer

Loris, who holds a university diploma in art with a minor in music and was valedictorian of his graduating class at SAE Institute, works mainly on film soundtracks. Thus, he is required to have as wide a knowledge of music as possible, although his personal tastes lean towards rock, punk, hip hop, trip hop, dubstep, drum’n’bass… and classical music. When he is not busy at the mixing deck, he plays the guitar, does karate or snowboarding, and explores Asia.


Creative Director

Abby occasionally assists CaleSon on their projects, as artistic director. A former violinist, who studied art history at the Sorbonne and went to the New York Institute of Technology she draws from various musical genres (pop, soul, or hip hop). Nevertheless, if one were to paint a full portrait of Abby, he or she would necessarily have to bring up design and architecture, her other two passions.