It was while composing the soundtrack to mini-series ‘Rastignac ou les ambitieux’ that Christophe called upon Yoan’s talents. The two met working at DDB and kept their collaboration going ever since. In 2004, they founded CaleSon and set themselves up in one recording studio, quickly followed by three more, near Place de la République, in Paris.

Always paying close attention to musical trends, they remain craftsmen of sound, while perfecting their work tool. Simply put, the first one is on the guitar, the second one at the piano. They compose, play, try various tunes, give up on some, write tirelessly. The workload is heavy but the chemistry is undeniably there, the music is delivered, the director satisfied. Soon, a team is born, as Marie, Louis and Robin come aboard. They also receive outside help from the likes of Abby, Loris and Arthur.