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Cale Son has five studios, all based in Paris, near Place de la République.
Studio A is the historic heart of Cale Son. Dedicated exclusively to composition and combining the warmth of analog with the efficiency of digital, it is the laboratory, the nerve center of musical creation.
Studios B and D are dedicated to advertising post-production, where voice-overs are recorded, sound design and sound effects are created, and mixing takes place.
Studios C and Cinéma are 5.1 studios. Studio C is ideal for sound editing, documentaries and podcasts.
As for Studio Cinema, our dedicated auditorium was created for mixing feature films. These studios have produced many films, including “Papicha” by Mounia Menour, as well as films by Quentin Dupieux, Abbas Kiarostami, Cécile Ducrocq, Jeanne Aslan and Paul Saintillan.
  • Studio Cinema

    Studio 5.1

    5.1 JBL 3678/ JBL 8320 amplification Crown
    Projection HD sur écran micro-perforé
    Gestion et contrôle d’écoute (courbe ISO) par processeur DAD-MAN

    MTRX Studio
    Icon D-Control ES 32
    TC Electronics M6000
    Avalon VT733
    Cedar DNS 3000
    Neumann U87

    Mac Pro Xeon-W 8x 3,5 GHz 48 Go
    Protools HDX2

  • Studio A

    Studio Musique Stéréo

    Mackie HR824
    Focal Shape 65

    SSL AWS 924
    Piano Yahama quart de queue
    Fender Rhodes / Hot Road Deluxe III
    Moog SUB37 / Prophet 6
    Gibson Les Paul / Fender Strat, Tele / Martin’s / Bass Fender Precision / Gretsch Electronic
    Neumann U87 / KH184 / AKG 414 / Royer R121

    Mac Studio 2023

  • Studio B

    Studio Stéréo

    Dynaudio LYD-5

    Ampli Mic SSL XL
    RME Fireface UCX II
    Avid Artist Control
    Neumann U87

    Mac Studio 2023

  • Studio C

    Studio 5.1 / Stéréo

    Systeme 5.1 Dynaudio Air Series 6 / Neumann KH 120

    Ampli Mic SPL Goldmike 9844
    Avid HD I/O
    Neumann U87
    Avid Artist Control

    Mac Studio 2023 / Pro Tools 2023

  • Studio D

    Studio stéréo

    Neumann KH 120

    Ampli Mic Avalon Vt737sp
    RME Fireface UCX II
    SSL XL Alpha
    Neumann U87
    Avid Artist Control

    Mac Studio 2023



Founded in 2004 in République by Christophe and Yoan, Cale Son has now been recognized in the world of sound post-prod for over 20 years.
Cale Son’s soul is its team, working in its studios in the heart of Paris. Cale Son brings together composers, engineers and musicians.

Cale Son handles your recordings, mixes, film compositions, sound designs, synchronization, library research and negotiations, radio spots and podcasts with passion and care.

For both advertising and film, Cale Son works hand in hand with producers, directors and agencies to provide the best possible service for your creations.

Christophe : Founder, President, Composer

Yoan : Founder, General Director, Composer

Marie : Head of Production

Louis : Head of Sound

François : Project Manager / Head of Synchronisation

Robin : Engineer / Composer

Vanda : Production Manager

20 years

of experience





50 000+

hours in the studio

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Frequently asked questions

1. What type of services does Studio Cale Son offer?

Cale Son offers a full range of audio services, including
Music composition
Advertising post-production
Voice-over recording
Sound design and sound effects
Mixing and mastering

2. Are Cale Son’s studios equipped with digital or analogue equipment?

All our studios are fully equipped with analogue technology, offering exceptional sound quality and an environment conducive to musical creation.

3. What are the main activities of Studio A at Cale Son?

Studio A at Cale Son is the historic heart of the studio. It is dedicated exclusively to musical composition. Christophe and Yoan, working as a duo, produce unique musical creations here. One is behind the console, while the other is in front of the microphone, bringing musical ideas to life.

4. Can I hire a studio from Cale Son to record my music?

Yes, you can hire our Studio A to record your music. Our experienced team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get a high-quality recording that meets your specific needs.

5. Does Studio Cale Son offer mixing and mastering services?

Yes, we offer full mixing services in our Studios B and D, where we also do the mastering to give you a complete and professional final product.

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